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The interview of Taraba Truth and Facts with Dr. Yakubu Tor-Agbidye his responses regarding Governor DariusIshaku are not true.

He said that Governor Ishaku set up a peace and reconciliation committee without consulting the Tiv People, this statement by Dr. Yakubu is not true because His excellency sent an invitation for a meeting with the Tiv Stakeholders through the Chief clerk of the house of assembly Orngu mela where Orngu Mela did as it was instructed by His excellency and the Tiv stakeholders had this meeting with His excellency at the Exco Chambers government house Jalingo, and the outcome of the meeting was that the former chairman of Tiv culture in the state TeghteghSha’aka’a to alongside with the stakeholders select 15 men to represent the Tiv people which will form the peace and reconciliation committee. Those that were in the meeting include Hon. David Mtuem, Hon Denis O.Nev, Hon. Barr Jime, Hon Gbashi D. and others totaling up to a number of 30 stakeholders.

At the meetingthe governor said he see no reason why the Tiv and Jukun should be in Crisis with each other because to him the two ethnic-groups are like brothers because they usually inter-marry. Virtually there is no house hold of Tiv that you will not see a Jukun daughter that has been married to a Tiv man or a Tiv daughter that has been married to a Jukun man. And that what he has discovered about the Tiv/ Jukun crisis is that, it is as a result of fake information that are been spread around by some people that is causing these crisis, as a result he will set up a Tiv/ Jukun culture association, at the state level, they will appoint 10 people each from the two ethnic groups as the EXCOS likewise at the local government level and also at the ward levels.

These EXCOS will meet at least once in a month as the need may arise to resolve whatsoever issue on ground to ensure that there is peace and unity between the two ethnic groups. These were the words of his Excellency to the Tiv stakeholders and that the association will be set up as soon as the crisis has been resolved.

After the meeting we the concern Tiv citizens Taraba state chapter wrote a letter in respect of the various problems the Tiv had been encountering with other ethnic groups like the Fulani and Kutebs also so that all of these problems will come to an end which we submitted to his Excellency and gave a copy of the letter to the peace and reconciliation committee. In our letter we made some request to his excellency among which was that, in the central part of Taraba state the Tiv used to occupy up to 3 elected councilor seats but now the Tiv are been denied these positions. In the letter we pleaded with his Excellency to consider the Tiv and restore this right which they held been denied of by including them in his appointment at the state level in these respective areas: Gashaka Bali and Gassol LGA. The mission of the concern Tiv citizensis to ensure that the welfare of the Tiv people is taken care of by expressing the minds of the Tiv people to the government. To me, Dr.Yakubu is not a good representative and thus should not lead the Tiv people because he is fond of saying things that are not true. And secondly once heis not included in any setting / group for the interest of the Tiv people.

He does not see anything good about that setting / group.This act from Dr. Yakubu is as a result of his selfishness. Dr. Yakubu Tor-Agbidye was an adviser to the Acting Governor of Taraba state then Alh. Garba Umar (UTC) and also a member of his campaign organisations, at that time there was Tiv/Fulani Crisis in the state and virtually all the Tiv people that are indigenes of Central Taraba were rendered homeless but as a stakeholder and a prominent member of the Tiv Culture in the state, he Yakubu made no effort toward resolving this dispute between the Tiv and Fulani herdsmen even when I confronted him over the issue on Several Occasions. Bothered by the unending Crisis between the Tiv and Fulani herdsmen, I lortsumemhambe seek the help of Hon. Sunday AliyuDankaroso that I can see the acting governor Alh. Garba Umar UTC over the issue, I was able to see the governor, after I have given him the details of the situation on ground, He (UTC) countered me by saying that one of our chieftain and a stakeholder in the state Dr. Yakubu Tor-Agbidye had told him that the Crisis between the Tiv and Fulani herdsmen had come to a halt (stop) on hearing this from the governor,I then pleaded with him to consider hearing also from some clergymen serving within those areas that were affected by the crisis to confirm the truth about what was happening. The governor agreed that I should arrange the clergymen to meet with him. The meeting was schedule to hold at2pm on that day. However on that faithful day, I went with some clergymen to see the acting governor as earlier scheduled. But we were kept waiting at the reception for so long without been call upon to see the acting governor.I still have to call on Hon. SundayAliyuDankoro again to tell him of the situation at hand, he Dankoro had to come and notify the acting governor about our presence, later on, we were ushered in to see the acting governor, the governor then told us that he called Dr. Yakubu to join in the meeting Yesterday, but he Yakubu said I Iortsumecalled him that I will be going to the hospital, and as such I will not be able to make it for the meeting as scheduled.That was why he the acting governor did not include us on the agendasfor the day, we went on with the meeting were the clergy men told him the current situation of the Crisis and also pleaded with him to use his office and resolve the Crisis so that peace will return in those areas. The acting governor Alh. Garba Umar then promised to do his best to resolve the crisis since he got to know that the crisis is still on-going. About a week after we had that meeting with the acting governor the court sitting at Abuja rule against himand he was removed from office and Alh.SaniAbubakarwas then sworn in as the acting governor of the state. In 2015, after the general election, His Excellency Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku Emerge as the Winner of the Taraba State gubernatorial election and was sworn in as the executive governor of the state were he said “He want peace and unity in Taraba State” on this ground his excellency call on all the chiefdoms in the state and ordered that he want all the Tiv People in the various areas that were rendered homeless to return to their respective homes and those traditional rulers that went againstthe order of his Excellency were suspended Dr. Yakubu was an adviser when Alh. Garba Umar UTC was the acting governor of Taraba State but in the interview with Taraba truth and facts, he made no mention of it because of his attitude towards the Tiv people during that time when they needed him the most. I am here by appealing to my Tiv brothers that we should make effort to be united among ourselves, because the division that is among us is only keeping us backward. I am also appealing to some of our stakeholders who are in the habit of criticizing laudable efforts once they are not including in such settings to please desist from such behavior because such behaviors are known for inciting hatred and violence among our youthswho are supporters of such stakeholders. You will recall that why we were not given any of the 3rd class chiefs in TarabaState is because of the inherent divisions among our stakeholders and not the fault of his Excellency as it was widely and erroneously alleged. Because his Excellency sent for the Tiv traditional rulers to come so that they will meet to find a solution for the issue of the chieftaincy and the message was delivered through lortsume at the meeting of Tiv culture held at NKST church jalingo wereall of these traditional rulers were in attendances including Dr. yakubu Tor-agbidye, but the Tiv stakeholders asked the traditional rulers not to attend that meeting and the traditional rulers did not attend the meeting. That made his Excellency to conclude the selection of the 3rd class chiefs without including the Tiv people.

I am also extending my appeal to the Tiv youths to please verify any utterance they hear from our stakeholders in order not to create enmity among ourselves. They should also note that verifying facts can foster peace and unity among us. They should note that this peace and reconciliation committee that is formed by his Excellency has written every detail about the needs of the Tiv people and had submitted same to his Excellency.

On his part his Excellency has promised to work on them, we should therefor wait patiently as we expect actions from his Excellency.

I am also praying to God to fill our heart with peace and unity in Jesus name Amen.

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