This so touching…

I will Appreciate a 2-day permission to be absent from work sir.. My sister will be getting

I haven’t finished when my boss shouted… Who will clear d files on ur table? Who will do dis and
dat? I’m sorry, u can’t go…. I felt bad but important…

One day, we lost a colleague of ours….

Everybody was summoned, as the speaker addressed other employees who were sobbing… “A minute silence to honour her..” he said…

In less than 30seconds, he said May her soul Rest in Peace, Amen. U can all go back to work…

Then I asked my boss, “Sir, who will clear her table and do all she was doing?

He smiled and said, “someone will resume with us next week to take her place….”

I used to think I was irreplaceable but this has thought me that if I were d one who died, someone else would resume to clear d files.


  • To those who shout at people at work and make them feel irrelevant, be Careful you’re just a colleague.
  • To those who act in church like without them things can’t be done properly, ask Elijah; God has over 7000 better servants waiting to step in.
  • To all who are so pompous and feel d world revolves round them and should be treated with so much respect they don’t give to others…..go ask Nebuchadnezzar; he was disgracefully humbled.
  • To those who are so disrespectful to constituted authority by virtue of knowledge/experience/status etc….watch out you’ll be on the side of authority soon; expect more than what you’ve done/given because it will always come back to u.
  • Someday u will go..(Death..Retirement.. Resignation.. Promotion.. Transfer.. Relocation….)

And guess what? Work will continue…

  • Church will wax stronger….
  • Family like water will find its level…
  • Persons/Friends will adjust well in good time…
  • That thing u think cannot be done without u will not die nor suffer.

It is like Military barracks….Soldiers go Soldiers come but Barracks/Military base remain.. Dey might miss ur ideas, But trust me, U ARE NOT IRREPLACEABLE.

Experience has shown that when your kind/type leaves the system is when greater opportunities open for others.

As a matter of fact they’ll not miss ur unpleasant nature but make a mockery of it at their leisure.

Do what you can and let others do theirs.

You’re NOT ‘more special’ than others; it’s just a Privilege that you’re enjoying.

Be Calm
Be Submissive
Be Humble
Be Reasonable
Be Accountable
Be Respectful

Show Love to others even when they make mistakes…..

Your nature is what you’re remembered for, It is the memory of you that remains with the people.

Bad nature easily overshadows good ones.

Therefore, watch your actions because what we have here is really a small WORLD!

The World is like a Small Garden….take care of your bit to Glorify God.

Stay. Blessed.

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