Gov Ishaku and Highland Tea: The Unassailable Facts

By Caleb Abdul

I have just read an article written by one Fred Hikon (obviously a fake name because the actual identity of the man behind that mask is known), a purported rejoinder to one published recently on the achievements of the Ishaku administration in Taraba State.
The writer of the rejoinder, a former key player but disgruntled member of the various organs of information management machinery in the state, was as usual bellyaching in that article over Gov Darius Dickson Ishaku’s refusal to accede to his selfish demands for unmerited favours while he still worked for the state.

Since leaving the services of the state government, he has made it his primary duty and priority to regularly insult His Excellency, Gov Darius Ishaku, his Deputy, Engr Haruna Manu and every other person in government he had perceived to have posed an obstacle in the pursuit of his selfish desires.
Now to the issues raised in the purported rejoinder.

The writer is obviously confused and rendered blind by the spirit of hate which he is serving with an abiding loyalty and unrepentant devotion to an extent that he has lost his sense of rationality.

For example, he agrees that the Highland Tea brands have become immensely popular and are everywhere in the markets in Nigeria.

What he does not want to hear and which Hassan Mijinyawa emphasised in the article that the so-called Fred Hikon was reacting to, is that the transformation at Highland Tea that has made the products the number one choice in the nation’s tea market was the handiwork of Darius Ishaku.

This point that has been well delivered in the article by Mijinyawa is giving the man behind the Fred Hikon mask stomach upset. May these rumbles in his stomach graduate into an incurable Diarrhoea. Amen!

Now let me also tell that man behind Fred Hikon’s mask more of what will worsen the rumblings in his stomach. Before Ishaku became Governor, High Tea company was down and out, over- burdened by the problem of mismanagement, poor and irregular electricity. Its machines were broken down and the few still working were being run 24 hours on diessel guzzling machines. It was a failed venture financially.

Gov Ishaku brought regular electricity to Kakara through the Tunga small hydropower project.
That was the beginning of the turn-around at Highland Tea.
Ishaku replaced the company’s old and tired machine with modern ones and changed the board and management of the company.
That was how the story at Highland Tea changed for the better.

The company was able to add the Green Tea brand to its stable.
Apart from that, Ishaku has played the role of the number one marketer for the Highland Tea products. He took the products to Europe where they were rated highly and requests were made for them in major sales outlets in the , today is meeting demands.

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