The Controversy of Mapeo Airtel Mast by Engr. Daniel Dishon

Few days ago, I saw a post on social media precisely Facebook about an Airtel Mast to be mounted in Mapeo which has heated arguments online about the inventor of the idea.

The mast was one of the campaign promises of His Excellency Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintri to the people to provide network service to about eight (8) communities in the state.

After series of discussions with the Airtel country director, the issue was discussed in the Council and eventually Jada was selected among the 8 places to mount the mast.

Coming to Jada Hon Commissioner Aloysius A Babadoke lobbied to be mounted in Leko/Koma, precisely Mapeo community.

I want to make it clear to our people that it is high time we put aside politics of mockery, hatred and jealousy and start thinking in a better perspective.

Let us start thinking of how we can come together irrespective of our party affiliations and see what we can do to help our communities in Leko/Koma to forge ahead and not to rant like dogs that can only bark but can’t bite.

We have had leaders in the past and everyone comes and goes with his unique type of leadership which I believe past leaders did their part in giving their best.

Hon. Aloysius A. Babadoke first of his name, kinsman of Jada Local government Area and a spirited son of Adamawa State is a leader with an equally unique way of governance together with his junior colleague, Hon. Abdullahi Manager.

It is worthy to note that Babadoke is a politician regarded with high esteem in Leko/Koma, he has performed beyond average and all is recorded. He was a former legislature, and now a Commissioner in the Executive arm of government. The two politicians are incomparable in all aspects looking at their experiences and their level of exposure.

But what we need is not the comparison but for the two of them to work together and ensure that our people at Leko/Koma enjoy the dividends of democracy in terms of projects and other social and basic needs.

I advise our Youth most especially the followers of the two parties, we should know that one day we can find ourselves in leadership positions, let’s not do or say something that will hunt us at the future.

If you must post on social media about politicians, make it lean towards constructive with evidence and also in a way that will enlighten others.

The controversy of the mast hovering on Babadoke or Manager, I believe it is all for good at last and something good have started coming and more are still coming.

All we need to do is to support them. Leko/Koma is bigger than small minded individuals, we need each other to team up and work just like the Liverpool football club slogan ‘you can never work alone’.

The year 2023 is fast approaching, all we need to do is to start evaluating the performance of those we have entrusted with our mandate to see whether they are meeting up or not. So as to see possible ways to make amend when the time comes.

Things we need to look at and evaluate are personal project initiative, lobbied projects, youth empowerment programs, constituency development projects etc.

And I believe as a legislature, Manager has more work to do than Hon. Commissioner, Babadoke. Final words, do your research firmly before posting things we know nothing about on social media.
BBK 2020
Engr. Daniel Dishon

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