Governor Ishaku receives Chiefs from the 3 newly created Chiefdoms calls for peaceful coexistence.

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Governor Darius Dickson ishaku today received the three newly appointed chiefs of Bika, Sanssani and Kwararafa Chiefdoms.

The Governor while addressing the chiefs said giving thanks is an injunction even by the Holy books and for them coming to appreciate him is thoughtful of them. The Governor said it is sad that History is no longer regarded in the curriculum of teaching. History is a vital aspect of every living being, because anyone who doesn’t know where he is coming from will never know where he or she is going to he said.

Gov Ishaku However made an appeal that History should be learned and should be reconsidered as a vital aspect of every education system else a fall out in the system in the future. The Governor said the history of places are linked to others siting Yakasai a place in Kano “Are you back” with Jukun

Speaking on the formation of Dan anacha the Governor said it was a seed brought from Onitsha which was named after where it was brought and shouldn’t be an issue as the real name of the place is Kwararafa. He pleaded with them not to see this as a big deal but to rather accept the true historic trend of the area. He assured them of looking into matters relating to districts, Demacasion and to consolidate on the peace which is already existing in the area.

Speaking on the Sanssani chiefdom the Governor said they are inter related as a people and this should serve as a key point in building a strong and peaceful relationship amongst them salves. The Governor said Bika Baba is a beautiful little settlement where he grew up from and it was filled with love and harmony in those days. He went ahead to pray and wished for those beautiful days. He assured the entire people of his continues commitment in bringing a lasting peace in the state as well as desired development.

Appreciating the Governor for correcting this long termed error ,Hon Hauwa Kwena said this is a gesture that the people of Bika can never be forgotten even by the generation unborn. She said she would as optimistic that this move will bring lasting peace in Bika.

Mr. Kefas Sabo who spoke onbehalf of the Kwararafa Chiefdom said they are indeed overwhelmed by the magnitude of love shown to them by the Governor, he said for several years their identity as Kwararafa was displaced but he in his magnanimity brought it back. Kefas said this singular act has brought peace to the community through the efforts of the Governor by mounting securities in all books and crannies of the area.

He pleaded with the Governor to possibly create a development area caved out of Kwararafa so as to have a easier look on matters that affects the area been that it is to wide in land mass. He onbehalf of the newly appointed chief assured the Governor of their Total support in the building of peace in the state.

The spokes person of Sanssani took to the same tune with the first two speakers. He however differ by saying they are honoured as a Chiefdom today, he said they have been lifted out of pains as a people.

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