Man kills mother over disagreement in Adamawa

A 42 year old farmer, Clement Tumba of Dilchim community in Michika Local Government Area, Adamawa state on Wednesday appeared in court in Yola for allegedly strangulating his own mother with a rope to death.

Clement Tumba, a father of 5 terminated the life of his aged mother, Regina Daniel for advising him not to fight with his sister, Rebecca Daniel again, but they should live in peace and harmony.

The 42 year old Drunkard was arraigned before Honourable Justice Helen N. Hammanjoda, led High Court for alleged culpable homicide punishable with death contrary to section 221 (b) of the state penal code law.

He was alleged to have caused the death of his old mother by strangulating her with a rope on her neck with his knowledge that her death would be the probable consequence of his action.

The accused told the court in his confessional statement that he met his mother seated in their house around 12:00am midnight when he came back from a joint, and told her to enter her room and sleep.

According to him, when he told her to enter her room and sleep, his mother started advising him not to continue to fight with his sister, and that he instantly became angry with what she was telling him and went and picked a rope and strangulated her with it.

He added that when his neighbour by name Barnabas Tumba heard their noise, he came and pleaded with him to leave the old woman alone, but according to him, he pulled out his knife and threatened to stab his neighbour as a result of which he fled from the scene.

He disclosed that his neighbour later invited the vigilante group who came and apprehended him in connection with the incident.

He further narrated that his mother fell down and died on the spot as a result of the strangulation, saying he is responsible for her demise.

He explained that he was also provoked over their land which was sold by other family members when he was in Maiha LGA but could not be given his own share of the money which was given to the victim when was disposed.

The court however adjourned the case to the 24th February, 2021 for continuation of trial.

During the sitting, Barrister M. B. Rufai appeared for the prosecution, while Mohammed Abubakar from Legal Aid Council of Nigeria appeared in court for the defendant.

Jonathan Filibus

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