We will Resist you in 2023 Taraba Elders tell Sen. Bwacha

Elders from Northern Taraba has vowed to resist any attempt by the major political parties in the state to present governorship candidates from Southern part of the state

The elders a auspice of the Patriotic Northern Taraba Elders Forum PTNEF during a meeting in Zing, frown at the rumoured governorship ambition of Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, stressing that the group would mobilize every resources to resist him and his divisive antics

At the meeting, the elders agreed to write all political parties in the state to select it’s 2023 governorship candidate inline with the power rotation arrangement.

At the meeting Chaired by a senior retired Federal civil servant Elder Timothy Mazong, the group said they would lobby the support of the Central Zone to ensure the power rotation agreement is strictly followed in 2023.

Secretary and spokesperson of the group, Mallam Salisu Kwanchi who spoke to our Correspondent after the meeting said “it’s payback time for us, Senator Bwacha was the proponent of the power rotation, infact he crafted the idea to stop UTC by all means in 2014, it’s shameful that Senator Bwacha and his supporters are preparing for governorship election in 2023. Bwacha has no moral standing to stand before the people of Taraba and say he wants to be Governor or the next Governor must come from Southern Zone.

“In 2014, it was obvious UTC was very popular, he was performing well as an acting Governor but his only crime that made the likes of Bwacha waged war against him was because he is from the Northern zone of the state.

They wanted a governor from Southern Zone, after listening to their agitations we supported them to ensure their candidate won, even against our Daughter, Hajiya Jummai Alhassan now it’s our turn the same person who championed that zoning in 2014 now wants to squeeze us into his pocket to become governor disregarding the zoning arrangement.

Senator Bwacha is the originator of the religious disharmony we are witnessing in the state today, he brought hate laced religion rhetorics into our politics because of selfish interest in 2015, how would we ever allow such person govern a multi ethnic and religious society like Taraba.

Go to the Southern Zone he has empowered more of his tribals men, he always favoured those of his religion above, we will resist that in 2023,” he said.

Mallam Kwanchi said the group has established a contact and mobilization Committee that would be reaching out to political parties, traditional rulers, religious leaders and stakeholders on the need to support it the Northern zone to produce the next Governor.

Any party that is ready to win Taraba State in 2023 must embrace zoning, we are calling on PDP and APC to ensure that a southern candidate is not filled for election if it’s serious about winning this state.

We will be going round the state to lobby our traditional rulers, captains of industry and respected individuals to ensure selfish politicians do not alter this gentleman rotational arrangements.

We are also appealing to our people in the central zone to support us in 2023 because we supported them in 2007 and 2011 to elect the late Danbaba Suntai, it’s time they reciprocate the gesture to us. They must join us to stop another southern candidate does not emerge in 2023.”

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