Gov Ishaku. Wait till 2023 as he speaks on his Senate ambition.

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Governor Darius Ishaku today had a interactive session with members and leadership of the NUJ and Correspondent Chapel. The seasion which took place at the Governors Chambers government House jalingo lasted for over 2 hours where journalist had a filled day on questions and answers.

Some of the digest from the session… ..

Now that you have return what do Tarabans expect.

Gov DDI:-
Impliments the budget religiously

Your Excellency sir, What are the projects that are so dear to your heart

All the projects are dear to my heart because we have achieved a mile stone more especially in health care sector, today you will agree with me that the cost of medication in the state has reduced drastically and the 3 Zonal hospitals in the state namely wukari, Bambur and Gembu are all state of an art hospitals and are carrying MRI machines. This makes them more than an average hospital which can handle more serious cases.

Infrastructure has made me so popular today even Morethan I ever thought especially the dualization of the road from Welcome to Jalingo through kpantinapo which comes with a fly over bridge and 6 pedestal Bridge attached it. Talk about the Mararaba Baisa Abong Road, this is also so dear to me despite all odds it has kickstarted and will be in a sharp shape soon. Pantisawa to Yoro is on lane for completion. Talk about the Wukari Tsukundi Road, this road is been given a qualitative touch and when commissioned, it will stand the test of time. All These roads i hope to commission them before the end of my tenure.

Another area of pride to me is Education, when I came into office, education was less than 30% and I saw it for my self with my two eyes because students were sitting under mango tree to recieve lessons, but today the story is different, we are first in the North and fifth in the country. Our university is ranking among the best universities in the country with reasonable increase in professors and accredited faculties, This is a plus to us and a thing of pride.

Water is another aspect which i must say has direct bearings to the people and this act has earned me a title and an Award “Water man of the year” Today there is water every where in the state and over 800 villages are enjoying portable water ,this has reduced the rate of infection by over 50% amongst the citizens because most of the diseases contacted by citizens are water bond and Very soon we shall have a overhead tank with supply capacity of over millions of litters with a rest space on it.

Skills acquisition is one other area where when ever I see young Tarabans self employed it makes me glad. We have trained thousands of young men and women all over the state in various skills and this has yielded some results and is still yeailding positively. For instant one of the lady we trained on tailoring by name about Aisha from Gashaka, she now employs and trains other youths on tailoring. This is a product of our skills acquisition and she is impacting what we gave her in others

Let’s talk about the 27 maribor companies i inherited when I assumed office in 2015, most of them were already liabilities but today we have rehabilitated over 7 and they are functioning very well. See the Highland tea as an example,I’m the one who rehabilitated that company and brought it back to life, they are now doing very well and are profitable and I’m going to make sure that some private hands steps into it before I leave because once it is completely a government property it becomes a Norman’s property.

Journalist :-
Your Excellency sir, You inherited much crisis when you came in how did you tackle them and what will you add up before leaving?

Gov. DDI:-
I’m indeed happy with our achievements on this aspect , when I came on board they were lot of charge ,communal clashes etc. I went to work and began to engage the people. In 2017 the greatest hit came up in Gembu Sardauna LG and I set up a panel and the committee brought in their reports and I decided to go through the reports page by page and finally found the constant which was missing and I initiated a means of bringing this clashes to and final end. I created 6 additional Chiefdoms and a year after a group of Fulani’s returned to say thank you and since then there have been absolute peace in the area ,this i applied to many other areas and you can attest that peace is gradually finding its roots once again in Taraba.

Onething I won’t stop saying is, there must be a split of the security architecture of the country that is to say, until the security outfits are splitted possibly into Federal, State, and LG police they still won’t be a solution to this insecurity rocking our country. Taraba is an agricultural state and with the nature of insecurity in the country an average Nigerian wont risk his life by putting his agricultural mights into practice either by going to the farm only not to return.

Sir, Your anti-grazing law was tagged as a target to some group of people when it was established. What are you doing to succeed in the establishment of the modern ranching.

Gov. DDI:-
Before I go ahead I must inform you that before I gave birth to this I went ahead and send my members to Nairobi Kenya where they saw for themselves what ranching was all about. And by the time the bill was on there desk they already knew what I was talking about . Listen, If you move a cattle from Mambilla to lagos by the time you arrive it becomes tasteless and weightless but When you ranch you make far more money and more profits, is it the milk from the cattle ?let’s talk of just 10 cows you will be making 1.5million just for milk in a month because after I was told I came back and did the experiments. Though some people contributed in frustrating the moves by stopping those who were trained to handle the ranching but later found out that it was the best and some of them are practicing same today.

Journalist :-
Sir, Your administration has done so much in engaging youths and Women just as the NGO of your wife has done, can you speak on the involvement?

Gov. DDI :-
The skills acquisition of my wife has trained over 3000 people and seems to be the most favourite. The simple reason is that she does her’s with short span say 2 to 3 months and she is done so she trains more people in a shorter time than we do. My wife skills acquisition center which was becoming a household name and a support base for training youths into been independent was so popular but unfortunately the #Endsars hoodlums went on rampage and vandalised the entire center to an extent that the water tank which was hang up was also punctured. A woman was caught with Over 72 children for child trafficking sometimes last year and this has been going on for years until I got to know about it and set up mechanisms that finally tracked down those behind this.

These children were to be domiciled at the Hope Afresh center but it is very unfortunate that , that hope is crashed by same people and no longer Afresh. Without my wife I wouldn’t have discovered Ngada Development area and today that place has become a force to reckon with and the children that are growing there will return one day to say thank you mama.

Journalist :-
Your Excellency sir, are you contesting for Senateship come 2023

Gov. DDI:-
Talking about 2023 Senatorship ambition I Darius Dickson Ishaku I always wait on the Lord, I never goes into hustling for anything because I was really rigged out in 2003 when I ran for same senate not until I was called after some years to return to Abuja where the journey to being a Minister began and when you look at all the ministry’s I handled during my ministership i was well empowered and that was God hands. And it is same way I came into been a Governor and until God speaks I won’t be like Johna who ended up in the belly of the fish . So concerning whether or not I will contest for senate in 2023, let’s wait on the Lord for he will surely direct me when the time comes.

@Nelson C. Len

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