Over 1000 Leko/Koma Youths forms coalition, Endorses Governor FINTIRI for second term.

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  • Over 1000 Leko/Koma Youths forms coalition, Endorses Governor FINTIRI for second term.

The coalition of different parties from Leko Koma constituency, Jada Local Government area of Adamawa State form a coalition and endorsed governor fintir to continue for the second time.

The meeting was convened by former SDP and APC aspirants from Yelli and Leko ward held in Hon Aloysius Babadoke compound, Mapeo ward. Mr Haruna who was the leader of the coalition and a former aspirant in the last election said, it has become necessary to call for this meeting in other to appreciate the Good work that AUF is doing in Adamawa state and Leko/Koma particularly through the Hon. Commissioner.

More so, there is need to also start planning for his coming back 2023 to continue the transformation work he is doing despite the economic challenges due to Corona virus pandemic that has cause serious economic stagnation globally.

Haruna said, we are here with over 500 strong allied of APC decampees who came to show their support to Babadoke.
Another Aspirant Hon Usman Cita who also spoke and pledged his unflinching support to governor Fintri and Babadoke.

He said, “I love what AUF is doing, even a stranger that has never come to adamawa will appreciate him there is transformation in all the sectors which includes infrastructures, health, education, and civil service”. Our pensioners are not left behind, so we have to work and bring him back in other to continue enjoying this opportunities.

We therefore, called all our brothers all over the state to support AUF for the second time.
Finally, the group thanked His Excellency for appointing one of their own as Commissioner for special duties who happened to be their saviour in this trying time.

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