Mother of 4 jail for stabbing rival in Adamawa

A 30 year old House Wife, Kaltimu Haruna of Yelwa Kwachifa in Mubi North Local Government Area, Adamawa state has appeared in court for allegedly stabbing her rival, Zainab Umaru with a knife to death.

The accused person and mother of 4 is currently standing trial at Honourable Justice Helen N. Hammajoda led High Court for alleged culpable homicide punishable with death contrary to section 221(b) of the state penal code law.

Kaltimu was said to have stabbed her rival with a knife which led to her untimely death after the deceased informed her that their husband, Umaru Baba had divorced her.

The suspect was said to had been living peacefully with her lovely husband for several years until when he married late Zainab Umar as his second wife.

Kaltimu confessed that they used to fight with Zainab over her children, but their husband and a businessman could not take any serious action towards addressing the problem, and that his major concern was his own business.

According to her, one fateful day, his second wife met her and informed her that their husband said he was tired of her, and that she should pack her belongings and go to her parents’ house.

The accused said that she asked the deceased whether if she becomes her husband, and that she (Kaltimu) sometimes later decided to leave the house where she went to her father’s house.

She narrated that she stayed in her father’s house for 2 months and then returned back to her matrimonial home, and that since then her husband could not treat her as his wife again to the extend of refusing to give her conjugal right.

She stated that she was living in that condition until when the second wife met her for a second time, and told her that she was sent by her husband to come and inform her that he had divorced her trice and no more marriage between them any longer.

She said that after Zainab went back, she (Kaltimu) picked a knife and followed her to their bathroom and stabbed her severely on her abdomen which led to her death, saying that she threw the knife in a pit toilet and claimed a fence and ran to police station where she reported herself.

An eyewitness and a 13 year old Maryam Umar said she was in the house when the incident occurred, explaining that she saw the suspect rushing to the bathroom, but when she told her that somebody had entered the bathroom, she responded to her that she (Maryam) should mind her business.

According to her, immediately she heard late Zainab shouting and saw her running out of the bathroom naked with blood every where on her body, adding that she also saw Kaltimu running after her.

Maryam added that she saw when late Zainab fell on the ground, and the time the suspect was stabbing her with the knife.

The matter was adjourned by Justice Helen N. Hammajoda led High Court to 25th February, 2021 for continuation of hearing.

During the sitting, M. B. Rufai appeared in court for the prosecution, while Mohammed Abubakar from Legal Aid Council of Nigeria appeared for the defendant respectively.

Jonathan Filibus

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